Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss Speech Loksabha regarding Cauvery Dispute - Megedatu Dam issue

(Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss in Parliment)

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DR. ANBUMANI RAMADOSS (DHARMAPURI): Sir, I would like to bring to
the notice of the House a very urgent issue regarding the Government of
Karnataka which is going to construct a dam across the river Cauvery, at
Magadadu, which can hold nearly 48 TMC of water. … (Interruptions)
Sir, last year, on November 15th the Water Resources Minister of
Karantaka, Shri Patil, in the Assembly, said that the Government of Karnataka is
going to construct a dam come what may. … (Interruptions) Sir, this is a very
emotive issue. … (Interruptions)
HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: You cannot disturb a Member.
… (Interruptions)
DR. ANBUMANI RAMADOSS (DHARMAPURI): This is an issue of national
integrity, and the livelihood of lakhs and lakhs of farmers is at stake in Tamil
Nadu. … (Interruptions)
HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Parliament is the supreme body.
… (Interruptions)
DR. ANBUMANI RAMADOSS (DHARMAPURI): Already, only the excess rain
water is coming to Tamil Nadu from Karnataka. … (Interruptions)
HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: He has the right to say. You can also contribute
afterwards. I cannot prevent the Member from saying this.
… (Interruptions)
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Karnataka has also assured that the dam is going to be constructed come what
may. It is a huge emotional issue of the State of Tamil Nadu. … (Interruptions)
HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Nothing will go on record except what Dr.
Anbumani Ramadoss says.
… (Interruptions)… (Not recorded)
DR. ANBUMANI RAMADOSS (DHARMAPURI): Sir, the Government of Tamil
Nadu has failed a case in the Supreme Court. In spite of that, the Government of
Karnataka is going ahead with the construction of this dam, and this dam can hold
48 TMC of water. … (Interruptions) Construction of this dam is illegal. …
HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: He is raising the matter concerning his State.
… (Interruptions)
Karnataka has already appointed a consultant for constructing this dam. This goes
against the verdict of the Cauvery River Authority way back in 2007,which says
that any construction of the upper riparian State should get the permission of the
lower riparian State, that is, Tamil Nadu. This is not only an emotive issue but
also a law and order problem, which concerns the national security and also the
national integrity of the country.
I would urge upon the hon. Prime Minister to call an urgent meeting of both
the States of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, sit with both the Chief Ministers and
settle this issue, and tell the Karnataka Government that there should be legality in
whatever they are doing.
Secondly, the Water Resources Minister of the Union Government, Kumari
Uma Bharati assured that the Cauvery River Management Board would be formed
soon. Sir, I would urge upon the Government to immediately constitute the
Cauvery Management Board so that all the constructions regarding the Cauvery
03.03.2015 :: mkg-ks Uncorrected / Not for Publication 488
River will come under this Board and will be monitored by this Board. Sir, I
kindly urge your indulgence to this.

Comment: Ambumani ramdass contd

-Magesh G Kshathriyan

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